About BAG

The Blackheath Highway Action Group (‘BAG’) is a joint initiative of the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre and the Blackheath & District Chamber of Commerce & Community.

BAG has approximately 200 supporters and includes representatives from the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre, Blackheath & District Chamber of Commerce, Blackheath Rhododendron Festival, the Blackheath Public School Council, the Blackheath Mount Victoria RSL Sub-branch, the Blackheath Streetscape Group and Friends of Blackheath Pool and Memorial Park.

BAG was established in 2008 in response to the State and Federal Government announcement to upgrade the Great Western Highway between Mount Victoria and Lithgow.

Since established BAG has coordinated various submissions on Blue Mountains transport issues and has formed alliances with many groups across the region including the Hartley Highway Action Group, the Mount Victoria Highway Bypass Action Group, the Katoomba Chamber of Commerce and Community Inc., the Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association, the Blue
Mountains Conservation Society, the Association of Concerned Mid Mountains Residents and the Bell Against the Highway Action Group.

BAG through its involvement in the Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association also participates in the Lachlan Regional Transport Forum, the NSW Commuter Council and the Western Sydney Public Transport Users group.

If you’d be happy to help BAG, register your interest my emailing  blackheathhighwayaction (at) gmail.com

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