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Breaking News – BAG has learned that Shayne Mallard MLC has been successful in persuading the NSW Minister for Roads to issue a temporary stop work order to the RMS in relation to the proposed works along the highway between Hargreaves Street and Jellicoe Street at Hill 33 with immediate effect. Thanks to all those who took action to raise this issue wit local representatives. There may be a pop up consultation with the RMS later this week. Read more in the latest Blue Mountains Gazette article.  

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The final design for the highway safety works through Blackheath, recently released by the RMS to BAG, reveals that one particular section of the proposed highway safety works, the area along the highway at Hill 33 between Hargraves Street and Jellicoe Street is hugely problematic for our community.

Hill 33 approaching Blackheath form the east

During the consultations with the RMS going back to April 2014 it was never disclosed to the community that the RMS intended to widen the highway at Hill 33 between Hargraves Street and Jellicoe Street by building a 2m wide shoulder, and constructing a 100m long and up to 2.8m high retaining wall.  This will mean all the existing trees and vegetation along that stretch of the highway will be removed.  The current rock wall will be moved back by up to 3 metres.

While we are extremely disappointed with the number of trees removed outside of Sutton Park, we are working constructively with the RMS on a landscaping plan to ensure a good outcome for our community.  Based on the design plans we accept the proposed safety upgrades for highway intersections at Govetts Leap Road, Hat Hill Road and Abbott Street.  And we intend to hold the RMS to account to ensure they deliver on these sections as promised.

But we need you to help us stop the destruction along the highway at Hill 33 between Hargraves Street and Jellicoe Street.

Please contact your local politician and tell them to STOP the RMS from unnecessarily destroying the trees and vegetation and amenity along the highway at Hill 33 between Hargraves Street and Jellicoe Street.

Kerry Brown, Councillor for Ward 1, Blue Mountains City Council (Greens)

Shayne Mallard MLC (NSW Government – Liberal)

Trish Doyle MP, Member for Blue Mountains (Labor)

Phone number for Trish’s office:  4751 3298

The plan for the section of highway between Hargraves Street and Jellicoe Street (Hill 33) can be viewed here

GWH Construction Plan Hil 33 Blackheath

See the Downloads page for links to all RMS Construction Plans for GWH Safety Upgrade November 2018.

March 2017

The Blackheath Area Community Alliance and just about every kind of group in Blackheath have thrown their support behind the BAG supplementary submission to the Katoomba to Mount Victoria Safety Upgrade of the Great Western Highway – click here to view the submission

WE ARE ALSO ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT in requesting that the RMS install a SAFETY CAMERA at the intersection of Govetts Leap Road and the GWH – it only takes a moment!

Please click the link below to request a safety camera at the intersection of Govetts Leap Road and the highway:

Note that the RMS claim that, according to statistics, speed is not a problem at this intersection! Therefore we need large numbers of people requesting a safety camera here which would be instrumental in making this intersection safer by:

  • Calming traffic
  • Discouraging risky driver behaviour
  • Creating a safer crossing for pedestrians
  • Reducing speed through the intersection and village
Thank you for your support!

February 2017

Our ongoing negotiations with RMS continue, and we are pleased that they have agreed to keep the eucalypts on the north side of the Great Western Highway (GWH) between Evans Lookout Rd and Chelmsford Ave, in front of the cemetery, and between Radiance and Sunbeam Aves.

RMS have stated that they will do everything possible to keep the large plane tree on the SW corner of GWH and Bundarra St. The air spading to map the roots of this tree is scheduled for the week of  Monday 6th Feb.

We have had productive meetings with our Ward 1 Councilors and both State and Federal Members and have gained their support.

March 2016

Community responses were accepted by the RMS including a submission by BAG / Blackheath Community Alliance. Visit the  BAG RMS Submission page for more details.

February 2016

The RMS letterboxed Blackheath residents with their proposal for a safety upgrade of the highway between Katoomba and Mount Victoria. Click the link below to view this proposal:

RMS proposal February 2016.

If you’d be happy to help BAG, register your interest by emailing  blackheathhighwayaction (at)

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